A Musical Treat on Saturday, May 10th

Musical treat planned for Mother’s Day Eve

Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 11 this year … so for those of you scratching your heads because ideas are a little slow in coming, here’s what might be the perfect surprise for that special woman in your life. On Saturday, May 10, it’s an easy drive south of the Washington House Inn to the Unitarian Church on North Port Washington Road for a Wisconsin Singer Songwriter concert in Mequon, and be prepared to be swept away by the voice, the musicality and the songwriting of Kitty Donohoe.

wsss-Kitty Donohoe
Growing up in Michigan as the oldest daughter in an Irish-American family, Kitty shares that she acquired her love of words and music at a very early age, and began writing poetry and making up tales and songs to entertain her younger siblings. That was just the beginning. After taking up the guitar at 16, it wasn’t long before Kitty was making the rounds of local coffeehouses and performing her songs at open mic nights to the delight of Michigan residents. At age 19, in deference to her Irish heritage, she moved to Nova Scotia where she immersed herself in traditional Celtic music. Over the years during which she’s recorded five CDs, Kitty has toured and performed with other artists across the country and in Canada, and she has earned the respect of music critics everywhere as well as the affection of a multitude of fans. Be sure to check her out when she pays a flying visit to Wisconsin this Saturday.