Cedarburg Featured Artist in November is Tom Kubala

Tom Kubala :: Cedarburg Featured Artist in November

The paintings of Tom Kubala, a local architect, are on display through the month of November in the foyer of the Washington House Inn. Not only does the artist live here in Cedarburg, but his company, Kubala Washatko Architects, is located here, too, housed in what used to be an abandoned power plant on the banks of Cedar Creek.

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Although Tom’s holistic architectural designs are renowned worldwide, and even include the renovation of the Washington House Inn, perhaps not everyone is aware that this quiet, unassuming man is also a talented painter. He started dabbling with a paintbrush as many do when he was a young child and, by his own admission, this fascination with drawing and painting never left him. Plein air painting (painting outdoors in the open air) is something from which he derives great pleasure, which is probably why watercolor is his medium of choice – because it’s simple and very portable.

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Walking to work every day as he does, gives Tom plenty of opportunity to use his acute powers of observation and provides him with unending topics for his paintings … the play of light and shadow on a neighbor’s garden at different times of the day, a crumbling stone wall, dappled sunlight on water, local architecture, and bare-branched trees against a snowy background are but a few of the subjects you may see in his paintings.
Besides having his work exhibited frequently at the Cedarburg Cultural Center, his work can also be found at The Pink Llama Gallery on Washington Avenue in Cedarburg, as well as in other galleries across the country. And this month we are fortunate to have a fine selection of his paintings here at the inn – stop in and take a look.