Spring in Wisconsin :: Washington House Inn

Spring in Cedarburg!

 Spring has obviously sprung!

Spring in Wisconsin

Step outside the Washington House Inn and you know the weather’s finally taken a turn for the better. When you mosey along Washington Avenue and people of all ages are out in force enjoying the first real sunshine of the year. There’s a lightness in everyone’s step, long winter down coats have been swapped for light jackets, and smiling faces are everywhere. Keep your eyes skinned as you walk by the old stone houses, and you may even spy a clump of crocuses among the dead leaves – a sure sign that more delights are to follow. A water dish  filled to the brim with cool, sparkling liquid, plus a container brimming with dog biscuits is strategically placed outside Advent Lutheran Church, beckoning hungry pooches and their owners to take a break before they go any further. Yes, it’s good to be alive when spring gets to Wisconsin.