Sandra McCutcheon Pape :: Cedarburg Arts Leader

Sandra McCutcheon Pape :: A Leader in Cedarburg Arts Community

As we approach the holiday season, visitors staying at the Washington House Inn will see that much of the art decorating the foyer during December depicts whimsical angels of all shapes and sizes. Sandra McCutcheon Pape –  the Wisconsin-born artist whose work this is- graduated from the University of Wisconsin in Madison with a degree in education, but she admits with a smile that her heart has always been in making art. Describing herself as “self-taught” and influenced by naive artists, Sandy has been creating art for well over 30 years. Early works of hers include mixed-media collage and assemblages, and during the last 15 years, she has added painting in acrylic to her list of accomplishments.

Local Cedarburg, WI Artist
Currently Sandy lives in an 1863 fieldstone house in Cedarburg that she and her husband Jim together have lovingly restored. “My love of old buildings and historic preservation has played an important role in both our lives,” she admits, modestly failing to mention that back in 1971 she and Jim were also responsible for rescuing an 1864 Cedarburg woolen mill – now known as the Cedar Creek Settlement. Today the Settlement, which includes an award-winning winery, several restaurants and an assortment of specialty boutiques and artist studios, is considered one of the major tourist attractions in the state of Wisconsin. Sandy and her husband also own the Washington House Inn where her art is currently featured.


Cedar Creek Settlement


Extremely active in the Cedarburg arts community, and founder of Cedarburg’s popular Plain Air Painting Event which is now in its 16th year, Sandy can often be found in her studio on the third floor of the Settlement. Galleries that represent her work include the Woodwalk Gallery in Door County, and Cedarburg’s Pink Llama Gallery, the Main Street Gallery in the Cedarburg Cultural Center and the Cedarburg Art Museum.

Come see these breathtaking pieces and enjoy the night with us at Washington House Inn.


Painting by Sandra McCutcheon Pape