Pagoda Fine Jewelry :: Unusual Cedarburg Store :: Washington House Inn

“Unusual” – an apt description for Cedarburg store

Pagoda Fine JewelryNow that the weather‘s getting a bit warmer, visitors to the Washington House Inn have no problem setting off on foot to explore the area. Cedarburg’s downtown area boasts well over 200 buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places which, considering the size of the city, is pretty impressive, but you’ll find that it’s not only the truly “historic” buildings that are worth a second look. Just around the corner from the inn, at N58 W6189 Columbia Road, your eyes may widen at the sight of a little red-roofed building that looks as if it’s come off a Hollywood movie set … but which instead houses a jewelry store. Designed by Milwaukee architect Alexander C. Eschweiler almost 90 years ago, the building originally was home to a filling station in the style of a “Japanese Tea House” – One of 30 built by Wadham’s Oil & Grease Company of Milwaukee. Now you could say that this little “pagoda,” nestled in the shadow of the huge Cedarburg Grist Mill, has come full circle. In 1992 it was transformed into Pagoda Fine Jewelry, home to designer Catherine Laing and GIA graduate gemologist Paula Luba, who spend their days creating distinctive pieces of jewelry using one-of-a-kind stones and offering appraisals and repairs. The pagoda is definitely worth a visit.