Hefner's Frozen Custard - Summer Treat in Wisconsin

Hefner’s Frozen Custard – Summer Treat in Wisconsin

On a warm summer’s evening, guests staying at the Washington House Inn sometimes enjoy a leisurely stroll through the streets of Cedarburg. They admire the limestone and cream city brick buildings that make up much of the architecture throughout the city, and they marvel at the meticulously kept flower gardens surrounding the homes. For those who make it as far as the corner where Bridge and Columbia collide (about half a mile from the inn), a rare treat awaits … that’s where Hefner’s Frozen Custard, a throwback to the fifties, is located, offering an unforgettable pick-me-up for the weary wanderer.

frozen custard in Wisconsin

Frozen custard, for those not acquainted with the term, is kind of similar to ice cream, but is actually made with eggs, as well as cream and sugar. Many people call it “nectar of the gods,” or “ambrosia” – and they’re not far wrong. Tom Holubowicz, the owner, is revered for his skill in concocting all sorts of fabulous flavors. He’s been known to add whole Macadamia nuts, bits of butterscotch, black raspberries, chocolate chunks or whole lemon bars, to name but some of the ingredients – and the end result is always delicious. The custard is heaped into a regular, waffle or pretzel cone, or a dish, if preferred – and then it’s time to sit back and enjoy. Did I mention that the flavor changes daily?

In addition to custard, Hefner’s serves up formidable sandwiches and sides, slushes, malts and even tasty blonde root beer from the local brewery. Call 262-376-0601 to get the custard flavor of the day.