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Consignment Shopping — All the Rage

Are you stuck in a shopping rut? Instead of heading to the mall and viewing the exact same items displayed in many of the large stores, have you ever thought about checking the consignment stores in your area? Chances are you’ll find a totally different array of interesting pieces that you would probably never come across in one of the malls. What‘s more, consignment shopping is also a chance to save some serious dollars … and who’s going to complain about that?

Here in Cedarburg, we have several options, some focusing on clothing and accessories, others leaning toward home furnishings, but each unique in its own way.

Thrift Stores

Corner Closet, across from the Washington House Inn on the corner of Washington and Columbia, is a great place to browse. If it’s party finery you’re after, there’s definitely no shortage of glitz and glamour, or perhaps you’d prefer a designer jacket, silk shirt or pair of supple leather boots. The boutique also carries brand new items. Another store worth checking out is Glad Rags on the east side of Washington Avenue, just north of Port Washington State Bank. Although not as spacious as the first, some great finds are often tucked away in a corner or on a shelf at the back of the shop. Give it a try.

For diverse pieces for the home – whether a gilded mirror, porcelain teapot, hooked rug or unique end table, spend time exploring Generations, Birchwood Wells, The Dovecote, Creekside Antiques or the blue Consignment Store across from the Cedarburg Community Center … there’s no telling what tantalizing treats you’ll discover. Make this shopping excursion an adventure to remember.