Cedarburg Winery Celebrates 25 Years

Cedar Creek Winery :: Cedarburg Winery Celebrating 25 Years

How fortunate we are to have Cedar Creek Winery in Cedarburg, just a few blocks north of the Inn. And, in March, the winery will celebrate a quarter of a century as part of the Cedarburg community!

Cedarburg Winery
Cedar Creek Winery has been owned and operated by the Wollersheim family since 1990. Located in the restored stone and timber Cedar Creek Settlement, over the years it has become one of America’s most noted, small regional wineries, sweeping an assortment of prestigious awards for its wines, anything from delicate whites to rich, robust reds. Crucial was the appointment of a talented winemaker. Philippe Coquard, who came here from a long-established family of winemakers in the Beaujolais region of France, was originally hired to take over the production side of the winery. Not only did he marry into the Wollersheim family, but before long he was also elevated to the position of winemaker for Wollersheim in Prairie du Sac and Cedar Creek Winery in Cedarburg. Coquard’s skill at creating delicious wines for every palate, yet keeping prices affordable, has made Cedar Creek one to keep a close eye on.

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Join Philippe and the gang in the stone wine cellars on March 21 and 22 for barrel tasting 2014 vintages; learning the ins and outs of grapevine pruning; and sampling some of the winery’s award-winning beverages. And while tapping your toe to catchy tunes from Irish musician Derek Byrne, savor fabulous tidbits produced by local chefs specifically for this occasion and check out the latest spring fashions in the Settlement‘s boutiques and galleries. March magic at its finest!