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Celebrate Art, Music and Life Itself at Cedarburg’s Shop Walk

Yes, we all know that Cedarburg was voted one of the Top 6 Shopping Destinations by Midwest Living and, yes, Forbes magazine highlighted it as one of the 11 Prettiest Towns in America, but the reason our charming city is consistently on many visitors’ Top 10 list is that there’s always something new and novel going on, no matter what the time of year.

The most recent event that’s creating a lot of buzz among residents and visitors alike is the Cedarburg Shop Walk, scheduled in August. On Saturday, Aug. 23, visitors are invited to take advantage of a variety of specials, classes, programs and musical entertainment wrapped up in one glitzy package. And, by the way, most of it’s free!

Cedarburg Shop Walk

Adding to the excitement is the fact that a “cash stash” – a grand prize of $300, as well as numerous prizes from local merchants – will be up for grabs by participants, but only on this one day.

To take part in the event and to get clues to the hidden treasure, you must register in advance – either online at cedarburgshopwalk.com, or stop at the Cedarburg Art Museum (W63 N675 Washington Ave.) and sign up on the day itself. Registration is between 9am and 11am.

While you’re at it, be sure to book a room at the Washington House Inn to enjoy luxurious amenities and the end of your day. Sounds like a lot of fun … see you there!