The Cedarburg Brewery Trail | The Top Breweries in Cedarburg, WI

Explore the Cedarburg Brewery Trail on a Wisconsin Getaway

Situated in the picturesque town of Cedarburg, Wisconsin, the Washington House Inn provides the perfect starting point for beer enthusiasts eager to embark on a beer trail getaway. This comprehensive blog aims to be your ultimate guide to the Cedarburg brewery trail, offering a curated list of breweries in and around Cedarburg, with a focus on delivering a delightful array of craft beers and one-of-a-kind ales. Raise a pint, savor rich flavors, explore local culture, and enjoy the best Wisconsin brews.

a couple with glasses of beer at a Cedarburg brewery

Rebellion Brewing

Positioned just across the street, Rebellion Brewing greets you with a cozy setting, the perfect start for your beer-tasting journey. Step inside and peruse their impressive selection of artisanal brews, a diverse lineup of handcrafted beers ranging from crisp and refreshing pale ales to bold and hearty stouts. There is something to delight every palate, exceptional creations that differ from the norm and provide a unique experience. Highly recommended and an easy pick for first on the list.

cold beer outside in Beer Garden

Sahale Ale Works

Next up, discover the fine libations of Sahale Ale Works. This exceptional brewery is dedicated to crafting artisanal brews that capture the essence of the Pacific Northwest. They produce small-batch, top-notch beers and take their time cultivating an ever-changing selection for their rotating tap list. Sahale Ale Works features a captivating array of flavors, from its robust IPAs to refreshing lagers and seasonal specialties. An essential visit for beer enthusiasts, it’s another fantastic stop on the trail.

a man pouring a beer at a brewery in Cedarburg, WI

The Fermentorium Brewery

Our next stop takes us to The Fermentorium Brewery, renowned for its experimental brewing techniques and unique approach that sets them apart. A contemporary brewery with an inviting atmosphere, you can explore their extensive selection of beer styles, ranging from hazy IPAs to Belgian-inspired ales and so much more. For those seeking an extra layer of complexity, they also offer barrel-aged options, delicious brews slowly enhanced with time and imbued with bold flavors. See the artistry and passion that goes into every glass at The Fermentorium Brewery.

a flight of beers at a Cedarburg brewery

Inventors Brewpub

Continuing our journey along the Cedarburg brewery trail, another great stop awaits us at Inventors Brewpub. This extraordinary establishment crafts incredible brews and boasts an ambiance inspired by steampunk for an unmistakable atmosphere. Sample sensational beers crafted with creative ingredient combinations, resulting in a captivating selection that is sure to delight your taste buds. These perfectly complement their equally creative food menu, designed from the ground up to accompany their exceptional beers and further enhance your visit.

a young couple drinking beer at a Cedarburg, WI brewery

Foxtown Brewing

As our brewery trail adventure nears its end, we find ourselves at the splendid Foxtown Brewing, a local gem. Proudly owned and operated by a passionate family, they are dedicated to crafting beers of extraordinary quality using time-honored brewing techniques. Foxtown Brewing faces a new age by embracing tradition, offering a wide selection of brews that are sure to delight with both timeless classics and more daring creations. Experience mastery of the craft at an exciting conclusion to the Cedarburg brewery trail!

Couple at Cedarburg Oktoberfest drinking beer

Local Events in Cedarburg

Add more brew-themed fun to your stay with local events and embark on further Wisconsin adventures. The Beer Garden hosted by Cedarburg Art Museum and Lakefront Brewery is an absolute must-see, a landmark of local culture, music, and good times with a wide assortment of incredible craft brews on offer. Held Thursday and Saturday evenings in the summer month at the heart of historic downtown Cedarburg. If you happen to be visiting during that time, we also highly recommend our annual Oktoberfest for a celebration of all things German and to try beers you can’t find anywhere else!

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Return to a cozy home base after a full day of area adventures at the Washington House Inn and settle into cozy rooms. Our spacious rooms feature king and queen beds, whirlpool tubs and steam showers in many of our rooms, and other fine amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Wake up every day to a scratch-made breakfast with fresh home-baked goods served either in your room or at the gathering area with beautiful views of Cedarburg. Make your beer trail getaway a truly special one with our exclusive guide to the Cedarburg brewery trail, your one-stop resource for some of the best beer in all of Wisconsin.

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